What is a vaporizer?

What is a vaporizer?

what is a vaporizer
what is a vaporizer

A vaporizer is a device used to vaporize substances used for inhalation,its also popularly known as vape.they contain some form of extraction chambers mainly made of glass,the vapor is then collected in a storage chamber from where it can be inhaled using a hosepipe,when properly used it reduces the combustion rate and therefore harmful chemicals emitted during regular smoking are considerably reduced. The most popularly vaporized materials include medicinal cannabis and tobacco.

How to use a vaporizer.

How to use a vaporizer
How to use a vaporizer

Getting to know how to use your vaporizer is not rocket science although it can take you a couple of trials before you understand the whole procedure. Below is a step by step guide on how to use a vape.

1. Preheat your vaporizer.

For best results give your vaporizer some time to heat,allow the vaporizer to heat as you prepare the substance you want to vaporize,take some time observe your materials to make sure that they are of the right moisture content such that when you vaporize you will get some smooth smoke because the vaporizer burns at lower temperature than usual.

2. Grind your materials to a fine substance.

As you will notice most materials do not come with the same size, you may use a grinder or any method that you prefer to get a fine medium grind; excess grinding will fail to give you the best results, for even vaporization try to achieve an even grind.

3. Pack it tight.

How you pack your materials or the substance that you want to vaporize will significantly determine your vaporizing experience, pack it tight so that it produces thick and heavy draws. How much material that you will park will, of course, be determined by the size of your vaporizers chamber but the bottom line is that it should be packed to the brim, Remember that vaporizers are delicate and you will be required to handle them with care.

4.observe the temperature.

This is the most crucial step while vaporizing ,its generally acceptable that you start from low heating while steadily increasing the temperature heat will produce light vapor with little concentration and which feels too light,While high temperatures will produce heavy vapor which will expose you to the substances that are in the material when burnt in normal conditions. Stick to temperatures of between 140 -150 degrees Celsius.
Although it is also good to look at the user guidelines as it helps you produce good, smooth and maximize extraction from your materials, a study revealed that marijuana smoked in a regular way has 85% non-cannabis as compared to 95% when vaporized proofing the vaporized form to be purer.

5 .clean your vaporizer.

For anything to work correctly it has to be checked and maintained, get into a habit of cleaning your vaporizer after every session. Make sure you wash the chamber, keep the screen clean and tidy and unblock the vapor paths, for more efficiency you can check on the user manual or contact the manufacturer. Regular maintenance will guarantee enjoyable vaping all through

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